iHound – Life Covers

InsuranceHound is a new breed of insurance comparison site giving you an easy way to find the best insurance deals. The Hound helps our users get in touch with the top insurance companies and brokers in South Africa via our unique quote request and response system.

If you would like quotes on a variety of insurance policies, simply complete the relevant form. This will generate a quote request in our system. Your quote request will be made available to the insurance companies on our system, who will then respond to your request and provide you with quotes and advice.

Our system currently accommodates the following types of insurance quotes.

  • Car Insurance – Sourcing the most suitable car and home insurance from top companies
  • Business Insurance – Business insurance is a must for individuals running a business.
  • Life Insurance – Tailored cover for you and your family through comparisons of top service providers.
  • Medical Aid – Get access to several medical quotes by filling in one simple form. No broker fees or hidden costs – same pricing as going direct.
  • Funeral Insurance – Hassle-free sourcing of the best funeral insurance cover by top service providers.
  • Legal Insurance – Legal insurance is a must as lawsuits are very expensive.
  • Health Insurance – You get the insurance policy that suits your specific needs.
  • Personal Loan – Money will be transferred straight to your account. You’ll pay back the loan at a fixed monthly term and fixed interest rate. Apply for a loan from the comfort of your own home – no excessive paperwork, no queues

We are not financial advisors or providers and do not offer any form of financial advice, but the insurance companies and brokers on our system are all registered with their relevant boards or councils thus ensuring that your quote request is responded to by professionals.

If you are looking for cover, request your insurance quote now!


  • Save hundreds of rands each month by selecting the cheapest insurance quote.
  • You get the best insurance policy by comparing several quotes.
  • Top insurance companies and brokers compete for your business.
  • Comparing insurance quotes is fast, easy and free.
iHound - Life Covers
iHound – Life Covers

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