FASTA – Short term loans

Need Some Help Financing that Must-Have Online Purchase? Apply for a Short Term Loan! Fast. Secure. Effortless. Convenient. Flexible.

Who is FASTA?

FASTA (Pty) Ltd is a dynamic Fintech business offering consumers a new payment method for their online and in-store purchases. Enabled through innovative technology, FASTA provides customers with access to credit in minutes.

FASTA’s self-service application process is entirely online. It is fast, secure, simple and easy to use, offering consumers up to R8000 repaid over 4 months.

“We practice responsible lending. All loans are granted based on strict compliance criteria and in accordance with NCA regulations, and where the granting of the loan will not cause financial distress to the consumer.”

Get cash now !

  • Apply online and get approval in minutes
  • Use the cash for whatever you need
  • Repay in up to 3 instalments
FASTA - Short term loans
FASTA – Short term loans

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