Credit Genie – Loans

Complimentary Loan Assist service
Creditgenie knows that looking for the right loan can be time consuming. Let’s take the hassle out of looking for a loan by doing it for you. We know you have better things to do with your time than searching for the loans.

Legal and ID Assist
Legal Aid provides you with access to qualified attorneys giving you access to the best professional legal advice without paying expensive lawyers’ fees.

Many South Africans land in situations where Legal Aid is required. Our Legal Assist service was created to address that very need. These situations can be difficult and challenging, and usually occur when you least expect it.

Financial Wellness Program
Many consumers apply for credit and are declined due to a bad credit score or over-indebtedness.

Our Financial Wellness Programme will assist you with:

  • Telephonic Financial Counselling
  • Debt Management
  • Formal Debt Review

Your Full Credit Report
When you apply for credit, the potential lender will review your credit score and this is where your credit report comes in.

Whether it’s a home loan, cellphone contract provider, or even a new employer – they will all take a strong interest in your credit history and credit score.

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