Ammil – Handcrafted Rum

“…The thin film of ice that lacquers all leaves, twigs and grass blades on a frosty winter’s morning. In sunlight it causes the whole landscape to glitter…

Ammil Premium Double Distilled Rum is the fulfilment of a dream.

Ammil handcrafted rum personifies an energetic, wholesome, spirited, intelligent, fearless, sophisticated and outdoor lifestyle…all the while gliding effortlessly through diversity and change!

Enjoy it frosted over ice, with your favourite mix or in a delicious cocktail. The hints of molasses in our White Rum adds excitement to any occasion!

Ammil Dark Rum is naturally infused in Oak barrels with vanilla, cinnamon and other spices.

White & Dark Rum – Double Distilled 

During the aging process of our Dark Rum,  a distinct relationship develops between the spirit and the oak barrels, enhancing the complexity of flavour, delivering the excellent, smooth taste and spicy notes of our rum. 

Ammil Rum is produced using molasses and a fermentation process.  Distillation is done in a pot still, before being aged in our hand-selected dark, toasted oak barrels. During the time in the barrels the rum develops a warm, brown colour and distinctive aromas. 

Distillery: +27 71 633 4450

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