AfricanPure CBD

africanpure™ stands for the balance in modern life we strive for. We believe the gateway to real health is an equilibrium of body and mind.

Bring balance to life naturally.

Cannabidiol (CBD) was brought to mainstream attention when it was used to stop a seizure dead in its tracks on live US television. Subsequently, many have realized that this miracle compound can ease chronic pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, eliminate spasms and seizures and calm anxiety.

We have our very own endocannabinoid system.

Africanpure - CBD
Africanpure – CBD

Every human has their own endocannabinoid system — This is a network of the body that knows how to process these naturally occurring chemicals. The human body and the cannabis plant both make these cannabinoids, so we are biologically programmed to be able to use CBD effectively to help us reduce inflammation and pain.

Africanpure’s hemp-derived products contain no THC and are combined with naturally extracted essential oils.

Every one of our products is designed to capture the balance between pure CBD, these essential oils and your naturally occurring endocannabinoid system.

What is it made from?
CBD is a compound extracted from the Cannabis plant. In the case of africanpure™ this being industrial hemp. The reason hemp is used is to make sure that legally we conform and ensure that our products do not contain excess volumes of THC.

Africanpure - CBD
Africanpure – CBD

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